Camping Season

It's still snowing on and off at 10000ft in the Colorado mountains, but it is melting more than accumulating.  I find myself bringing my son to school in a t-shirt most days and it is getting me excited for summer.  About a year ago my wife and I moved our family from a crazy expensive … Continue reading Camping Season

Trek Slash vs. a downhill bike

It had been about 15 years since I had gotten a new Mountain Bike.  I had purchased a series of cheap beat up downhill bikes.  I loved them and beat them up more.  It was time for me to get into this new age of bike tech.  Downhilling, hitting big burm turns, and finding rocks … Continue reading Trek Slash vs. a downhill bike

How to be a Sponsored Athlete

You have been working hard (maybe, hopefully) and you think your game is good enough to be a brand ambassador for a company.  What does being a sponsored athlete mean?  Is your game good enough to get contest fees and training costs covered by a company? What about taking home cash at the end of … Continue reading How to be a Sponsored Athlete

Snowboard gear guide

Find the Right Snowboard Gear There are some challenges when it comes to finding the right gear. For younger smaller kids that can rip there are not a lot of options. All the kids boards seem to be geared towards kids who have never snowboarded before. For bigger older kids it feels like there are … Continue reading Snowboard gear guide