My name is Matt Voegtle.  My Wife, 2 sons, and I live in Leadville, Colorado (10,152ft. above sea level). I have been a snowboard instructor and coach since 2001, I love to ride mountain bikes, just bought a little camper for my wife and 2 boys, and I specialize in outdoor carpentry.  I believe that I coined the profession landscape carpenter (that may not be true).

I believe that snowboarding is more than a sport, and I believe that snowboarding is not an activity for reckless adrenaline junkies.  Snowboarding is an art (from the mental prep, the way you take care of your body, to building skills through progression).  Some parts of snowboarding are timeless and amazing.  I think it is the best family and lifetime activity on the planet.

I have rekindled a passion for mountain biking since My oldest son was born.  Riding bikes has been an activity that we have both been able to enjoy in the warmer months.  I have been trying to learn to manual (ride a wheelie) for 3 summers.  Stay tuned for progress on my manuals (it will be funny), this should be the summer where it all comes together.

I am not a master carpenter, but I have learned that I can do anything (might take me longer than others).  Carpentry has allowed me to keep snowboarding and working with young athletes in the winter time (cause it pays the bills).  Carpentry has also taught me to say, “yes” when my brain says no out of fear.

I have created this page to share all of my hobbies with people and spread the knowledge that I have gained. There is plenty of adventure and learning on this site.  If you are afraid to say, “yes” have a look around be inspired.