Back Dub 10s part 1

dub 10 intro video

Just because winter is over doesn’t mean we can’t keep working on new tricks.  Some of us are fortunate enough to head to Mt. Hood or the Southern hemisphere to keep progressing on snow, but we can all keep perfecting our game even if we are not able to get on snow.  Back side double 1080’s are a very popular trick for rookie professional snowboarders.  Learning to do doubles may seem daunting and scary.  The intuitive approach to learning such a trick is often to just go out and try it.  Huck and hope.  Hucking and hoping is rarely an effective method of learning new tricks.  Whether back dubs is just around the corner or a few years away we can start ticking some boxes on the skills needed to perform dub 10’s safely and successfully.

Doubles are a combination of a few tricks put together.  Some of those tricks maybe just around the corner in your progression anyway. We will go through these tricks and how to safely combine them so back dub 10’s can be performed safely and successfully on snow.

This is Part one. Subscribe to my Blog and you tube channel for more how to videos and summer training tips.

Katie getting the job done.

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