Camping Season


It’s still snowing on and off at 10000ft in the Colorado mountains, but it is melting more than accumulating.  I find myself bringing my son to school in a t-shirt most days and it is getting me excited for summer.  About a year ago my wife and I moved our family from a crazy expensive mountain town to a secluded less expensive mountain town down the road.  You may have heard about the, so called, housing crises in the resort communities across Colorado but our decision to move is slightly unrelated to that.

After being cramped in a 900 sq. ft. condo, that was so expensive we couldn’t afford to do anything, with two kids, we realized that it doesn’t matter where we live because we don’t really want to stay home anyway.  This will be our first full summer in our new location and the first summer that we can really get out.  we purchased a pop out camper near the end of last summer and we are getting ready to start planning our adventures for this coming summer.  We had a tent before the camper and the tent was great but with a brand new baby we needed a little fancier tent to really start adventuring.


We are going to the desert at the end of April, and the Beach in August.  I am currently looking at some other mountain bike destinations in the high country of Colorado and Utah through the peak of the summer.  A big truck and Fancy motorhome are cool, but all you need to get your kids into the great outdoors, are a little fridge, a couple tables, nice food prep area, good stove and cheap water toys.  If you teach your kids how to swim and ride a bike like a boss you can have fun just about anywhere in the country.  Sure we have moved up from our little tent, 3 coolers, and target floaty toys but the fun is still the same when we head out.

Start planning adventures.  The most important part of adventuring is getting out there.  So make a plan, get out there, and see what happens.

IMG_1722.JPG   IMG_1723.JPG

One thought on “Camping Season

  1. You’ll love camping in the pop up. I wish we still had it but after about 30 years of use, it was pretty well worn out. The memories of camping in it are invaluable. Especially with the Grandkids. It sure beats a tent and sleeping on the ground. We camped in many states–CO, WY, NE, AZ, UT, ND and SD. I wish for you, Kristin and the boys tons of fun camping. It’s the good life!!


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